Audio Books For Kids

Make Book Reading Fun With Kids Audio Books


KidsAudioBooks has providing free audio stories for kids to the world for very long time. We share free talking books for kids to listen or stream from our website. All our content is free and copyright free. We aim to create environment to showcase imagination and great narrations so kids can enjoy. Our mission is to provide free children’s audio books to enjoy and learn.

We love audio books for kids because they get to listen to stories while in the car,in the home or even on holiday. Our stories are aimed at a age group of 5 to 11.We know many of stories are from the baby boomers times older adults enjoy our stories we receive messages from young people who have grown up with many of the old classic stories.

Audio Books have become popular in recent years but if we look back in time many writers like Dickens wrote their books to be read to a audience. Here are some reasons why audio books could help your children :

  1. Play audio books can help your child develop listening skills and concentration.
  2. Listen to a book read out loud can help you learn punctuation,emphasis which brings words to life.
  3. Younger kids can understand language above their reading age and learn new words.
  4. Help improve speech and help with clear pronunciation
  5. Develop native speech patterns

If you’ve got holidays planned then its worthwhile investing in some story CDS to make long journeys fun or even downloading to your phone. Audio books for kids are not just useful on the move but they help your child’s reading skills, one benefit of kids audio book stories is that children have the chance to hear speech patterns and rhythms that they might miss in print.

Bedtime stories in audio format can help improve your child’s exposure to new vocabulary and syntax thus helping him or her to engage with the context of the story. You could even using the kids audio books for for a read along which will help him or her match words to sounds.

All children can learn a great deal from listening to audio books but one advantage many parents forget is :

If a child finds it difficult to decode or say a particular word then audiobooks for children makes it was because they can practice repeating that word. Many kids like hearing stories through third person whereas they would struggle through the text, audio books make them absorbed in the book. They also get to do something else while listening to a story ideal for restless children.

We have many great stories which are available under the creative commons license. All our children story mp3 are formatted in mp3 so they can be used across multiple formats.We also have old classic books that are available for download and can used on many devices such has iPad or a kindle. Click here to see our selection of free reading books and download free kids books from us.